Lacandon Maya Kayum lived in Naha Mexico. He is grandson of Chan Kin viejo the last priest and chief of traditionaly living tribe in Naja

"Journey to the Gods" was awarded with the "Goldenen Spatz" Children film festival prize.


It tells the story of a young Lacandon Maya boy  Kayum who want to rescue the rainforest. The only thing that can help is to sacrifice to the Maya gods in Yaxchilan temple -the center of the Lacandon Maya world. (Photo: Theo O. Krath)  A  WDR/ARD  commission which was presented on several festivals.

"Sendung mit der Maus / Program with the mouse" Most popular children TV brand in Germany


We produced a special for WDR/ARD about  the mouse really flying in the MIR space station. It was an example for international cooperation of German DLR, Russian MIR and US NASA  astronauts and broadcast stations. This program was aired unbeaten times also in BR "Spacenight" and made it into primetime news.

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