BellaCoola founded in 1983


In the early eighties Ingo Hamacher Bellacoola founded "BellaCoola Multimedia" as a student. He started producing first films for the WDR Cologne like "Sendung mit der Maus" and many documentaries with cultural and social focus.


With its curiosity for new media communication and technology the BellaCoola team soon produced interactive media and cross-media projects as a pioneer in Germany. Bellacoola became media consultant and film production for leading companies like Bayer, Burda, DuMont, DLR, Daimler-Benz, INTEL, Post, RWE and worked for famous agencies like BBDO, Springer & Jacoby, Michael Schirner and Dentsu and many others more. Ingo Hamacher Bellacoola was entitled as new media consultant for chancellor Helmut Kohl. Ever since that years state-of-the-art technology is the tool for most of Bellacoola productions.


Stereo-3D, 4K resolution and  drone aerial-photography already have been precious tools for many years now. Together  with convincing concepts we helped our clients to be first in their business segments with professional corporate communication. Also our innovative feature films and creative documentaries are the results of ongoing improvement, constant learning, high motivation and a lot of fun.

Ingo Hamacher Bellacoola

After a foul. Soccer player flying over wet ground in heavy rain



Ingo Hamacher Bellacoola -  Managing Director, Producer

Jörg Vincent Malotki           -   Producer

Volker Schwarz                    -   Production Coordinator

Stefan Röttger                      -   Post Prod. Supervisor

Oliver Gaebe                          -   Producer


The right time to proof our promise is when production goes to its limits. It is good to know there is a team of creative professionals that can do it in time and budget.

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