Laura ready for marriage with the inocent Toby. She puts all magic spells on him so he can not escape from her beautiful virgin witchcraft
Klaus Tange as werewolf caught in the cellar tied with heavy iron chains to hold him back
Toby is the lover of the witch in her young manifestation and the tutor of her in the castle not knowing what cruel game they will play with him
Laura is the physical manifestation of the oldest witch. With her perfect young body she will catch Toby like a female spider and than...
She needs Toby because she wants his fresh energy to live some more hundreds of years. Therefor she attracks Toby to be her lover

"The forbidden Girl" - a Fantasy Thriller in Stereo 3D

The forbidden Girl was the first Stereo 3D movie in Germany shot in 4K Resolution. It tells  the story of the oldest  witch of the world and her husband a werewolf. Starring Jeanette Hain as the old witch, Jytte Merle Böhrnsen young witch, Peter Gadiot young  lover and werewolf Klaus Tange. Entirely shot in Thuringia and Berlin it won several awards: "Special award" at the "3D Korean International Filmfestival", the "European 3D producer Union" prize for best S3D quality and was nominated at the Liegé Stereo-3D filmfestival for best movie.

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