K2 Inline Skates was shot in Santa Monica hangar.


The client  wanted an outstanding production design and a story which incorporates all the great product features in the plot and look. What helped was one designer from "From dusk till dawn" and an outstanding CGI work done by the Roland Emmerich  team. For TV commercial, cinema and web-TV.

Commercial Spot for K2 inline skates shot in St. Monica. Witch standing in front of her magic witch tank ready to brew her magic potion

"Qvest" - the Design and Fashion magazine meets Range Rover in Paris


Range Rover and Qvest arranged a fashion shooting for young designers with top photographer, make-up artist, stylist and we were responsible for the perfect image in a clip not only made for web.

A simple nodding dog? Naturally not!


The ABC Bank wanted a commercial for her automobile financing portal. The star is.. a nodding dog. Not so simple because his nodding is the answer the questions of the speakers voice over. The virtual doggy is a CGI creature made by "Das Werk" for cinema, TV and Web-TV.

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