"We build the world"


How mankind invented construction materials


The new Stereo 3D cinema movie shot in 4K with advanced octocopter aerial pictures. It is all about architecture, construction materials and the inventors of a new  designed world. From bronze age to our next future, we tell the story about ingenious and inspired people who build the world.

It started with invisible treasures... like in the Atacama desert in Chile "We build the world"


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Your own TV-station


what web-videos and viral videos can do for  you...


Our experts  started streaming video in 1996 and were pioneers. We did PR-Events, Press-Meetings, Corporate Communication...Today web-videos and viral videos are THE tool for Advertising, PR and E-Learning. Have a look  how successful our clients are with campaigns we have done so far. Success stories from Telekom, Quest Design Magazine and other brands. Web-TV...

Flying Drone with Stereo 3D cameras at Pashupatinah Temple Kathmandu / Nepal

Octocopter drone with 4K / Stereo 3D

at Pashupatinah temple Kathmandu / Nepal

Ralp Caspers hosting a social media tutorial video for German Telekom

"Deutsche Telekom" web campaign

200.000 employees worldwide learned about social media and netiquette. Hosted by Ralph Caspers host from the well known TV science show "Knowledge makes AH!" web-videos...

Atacama Dessert Chile close to San Pedro de Atacama

The Atacama is the desert with the lowest rainfall rate per year worldwide.

But there are sites where cactuses grow and animals live. It is a miraculous nature in a spectacular wonder world. Beside that it is rich of rare elements which modern industry needs most and what is the reason for critical ecological and social problems in this area. We have been there for the new documentary series "We build the world".

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