Rhythm of Life / Kathmandu Nepal

Clip from "Rhythm of Life" . The documentary tells the story about faith and the divine -

filmed on all continents in 4K.

The Forbidden Girl

"The forbidden Girl"


Independent movie with Stereo-3D and 4K resolution


Director Till Hastreiter created a special look for this fantasy thriller, which remembers at movies from the fifties. Shot in English it is made for the international market. A combination with modern Stereo-3D photography which  lead to the award of  the "European 3D producer Union" and to the special prize of the "3D Korean International Film Festival".


Shot with RED in 4K it is ready for deliveries in industries preferred new UHD resolution.


Pixomondo has created some wonderful effects to visualise the witchcraft of Jeanette Hain and Jytte Merle Böhrnsen who are the oldest witch of the world.


The movie was funded by Medienboard, DFFF and NRW.Bank. high-tec feature film...

State-of-the-Art Filmtechnology


Have a look at our productions on the following pages. Concept, creativity, design and state-of-the-art  technology are the  essentials. This includes modern film tec like Stereo-3D, flying camera-drones and 4K resolution. Everything goes with  production management  and logistic that  works on all continents. read more...

Advertisement and Learning

Image, PR, E-Learning, HR-Training


We produce award winning corporate films  for your company´s  advertisement or image. Training and e-learning videos enhance your business. That is why global brands trust our creative teams when it comes to audiovisual production. But also small companies have  growing success with web-tv and viral videos in their specific niche. Corporate benefit...

Awards and prizes for our films


"Award of  the European S-3D Producer Union"


Special Award "S-3D Korean International Film Festival"


Best Film "3D Stereo Media Liegé" Nominee


Animago Award CGI/VFX


German Children FIlm Prize  "Der goldene Spatz"


Corporate Media Master of Excellence -Best production


Corporate Media Master of Excellence -Best CGI/VFX


 about us...


Please send a mail for updates about new technology, projects and service offers.

Production and AV service

Concept, script, production and post-production all in one stop


If you need a complete new production, a polish of existing video with a new look in the post or a new voice-over mix we are your partner at all stages of audio-visual production. Our service is fast, reliable with the experience from over 30 years production. We deliver the best production value for your budget. about our company...

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